Phone: +36 36 574 500


Fax: +36 36 574 505

Address: H-3394 Egerszalók, Széchenyi út 31.

GPS: É 47°52'10", K 20°19'20"
Route planner


The Fabulous Shiraz Hotel is located a half an hour’s drive from Budapest, it is easy to get there on the M3 motorway.

Running on the M3 motorway, turn to Eger at the 114th kilometre, at the junction to Füzesabony, on the main road no. 33. The next junction is a roundabout, where you have to go towards Kerecsend. When you arrive in Kerecsend, you have to turn right at the traffic lights, to the main road no. 25, towards Eger. When you arrive in Eger, at the first junction with traffic lights you have to go left on the Völgyfeltáró (K2) road, at the end of which you have to turn right towards Egerszalók. When you arrive at the centre of the village, turn left, to the Széchenyi road and go 50 meters until you can see the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel on the right. You can park in the private car park next to the hotel.

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