Fabulous Recreation with my loved one - Shiraz

Fabulous Recreation with my loved one

In our Fabulous Shiraz Hotel everything is about love and mystery. During your stay, in addition to our thematic programmes, we spice your days and nights with many romantic programmes, from the date of arrival until your depart. Either it is a star or rose-leaf surprise, romantic preparation of the room, private minutes spent with your partner, treatments for couples, everything is possible in the world of the 1001 nights, because your love is our special point!

Our romantic rooma:

Premium room: Cradled on the waves of the four-poster

Junior suite: With a living-room for the intimate moments

Marrakesh suite: Romance at the highest level

Enhance romance with a dinner by candle-light or breakfast in your room served in bed!


In our special, extended Wellness & SPA world the mysterious Arabic bathing culture appears. Arabic Bath House with an arabesque pool which is enriched with Jacuzzi features and in the mystical dim light you can experience the “cuddly” Shiraz atmosphere. From the bath house you can step into the Arabic Yard, in the middle of which you can splash into an outdoor swimming pool encompassed by resting beds. The pool’s speciality is the salty sea water, which makes it possible to enjoy water even for the sensitive skinned. In the Maxim Garden that can be requested also for private use the garden Jacuzzi and the sauna promise romantic open-air amusement.


Sultan’s Massage for Couples

Moroccan Bath for Couples

Fezzan Renewal for Couples

Private Use of the Maxim Garden