Leisure-time programs - Shiraz

Leisure-time programs


Shiraz Hotel - Segway

Active recreation full of experiences.

Flexible tour routes in Egerszalók and the surrounding woodlands as agreed with the tour guide.
Available on pre-arranged days, for up to 10 people.

One-hour tour: HUF 8,900 / person
One and a half hour off-road tour: HUF 12,900 / person

Our guests should arrive at our reception 10 minutes before the start of the tour, where the instructor will wait for them.

It is mandatory to wear a helmet; layered clothing, a thin cap in the winter and comfortable gloves are recommended.


Shiraz Hotel - Kerékpár kölcsönzés

We recommend tour routes of various lengths and difficulties, which lead the riders to the outstanding natural values of the surrounding areas. We provide a map for the tours. We have men's and women's city bikes available for rent.


The Hot Well that is unique in Europe can be found 1300 m from the hotel. In the facility with water surface of 1900 square meters altogether 17 outdoor and indoor pools are placed, sitting pools of medicinal water, bubble baths, adventure pools, slides and children’s pools guarantee pleasant amusement both for the older and for the younger age-group.


The well, on which the medical bath was built, was established in the Hegyeskő Valley of Demjén in 2006. The 68 °C hot water breaking out from 690 meters depth is several ten thousand years old and it is the country’s recently discovered medicinal water. Probably, God created the hilly-downy land in a good temper. The open medical bath of Demjén, paved by beautiful mosaic and serving for health tourism awaits guests with four pools, altogether with forty-two adventure elements, neck massagers, back massagers, air springs.


After the renovation the cave houses concaved in rhyolitic tuff were furnished with traditional peasant furniture and commodity goods. Among the houses there is a smithery too, where every tool of the master is exhibited. Interested people can visit the cave houses not only as an exhibition but they can join in the handicraft courses as well. The ecological farm, the “Saffron Garden” next to the cave houses has recently been handed over by the local government. The garden’s speciality is that fruits and vegetables are grown without pulverization, in ecological farming. A Yurta also was established in the garden which also can be inspected by the visitors.


Egerszalók is a part of the historical wine-growing region of Eger: the grapes for the “Egri Bikavér” and Zenit, Leányka, Muskotály (Muscatel) and Olaszrizling (Italian Riesling) for the white wines are grown here on a territory of 600 hectares. A number of excellent local oenologists and wineries, such as the Juhász and the St. Andrea can be found in the region.