Child-free Oasis for peaceful relaxation

From 2021, the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel is

100% the Hotel of Couples!


For our Hotel, the most important thing is that our guests can completely and fabulously relax during their days spent here. From 2021, the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel only accepts guests over the age of 14 for undisturbed relaxation and peaceful recreation.

Every couple, parent and grandparent deserves a few days, which is just about the two of them! To this end, we offer a special exotic atmosphere, themed daily experience programs, high-quality gastronomy and lots of smiles and professional service from our colleagues.

Spice your wellness stay with us and those who like romance can make their holiday truly memorable by choosing the Premium room with a four-poster bed or the special suites with the following additional services:

We are waiting for our guests travelling with children under the age of 14 in our sister hotel, the Magical Bambara Hotel, with many experiences for families!

We are waiting for you in the world of 1001 Nights for a romantic wellness holiday!

The Team of the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel