Regular guest program - Shiraz

Regular guest program

Our Hotel’s new regular guest program


The advantages and rules of our regular guest program, which came into force on 1st January, 2020:

We would like to inform you that the withdrawn but full regular guest booklets, which have been completed by 30th November 2019, can be used within the validity period according to the following conditions. In the case of 12 collected bonus stickers, you will receive a free night on a weekday. The gift night can be used as a second night if at least two nights are booked between Sundays and Thursdays, except for public holidays and school holidays, when accommodated in the same room. We cannot replace any lost regular guest booklet, and it is not possible to convert the booklet into cash.

From 1st January, 2020, the following regular guest program applies:

In the future, our Hotel will give you a 5% or 10% discount as a returning guest.​​​​​​

The current year's regular guest discount is 5% or 10% based only on the room nights spent by the person, entitled to the benefit, in the Fabulous Shiraz Hotel during the previous year.

In the current year, we provide a 5% individual discount if you have spent 10 to 14 room nights and we provide a 10% discount if you have spent at least 15 room nights in our Hotel in the previous year.

Between 1st and 10th January each year, we send you your personal discount card by e-mail if you are entitled to the above-indicated discount in the current year.

The discount can only be used by the entitled person if a maximum of 3 rooms are reserved at the same time, by presenting the card, at any period of the year.

The discount is provided only from the gross final amount according to the confirmation, from the accommodation costs including half board.

The discount is valid between 1st January and 31st December of the current year and is reviewed every year to re-determine the extent of the discount. If the above conditions are not met, our Hotel is entitled to cancel the discount.

The regular guest program cannot be combined with other discounts and is only valid for direct bookings. We reserve the right to make changes.

Best regards:

Tímea Zsákay
Hotel manager
Fabulous Shiraz Hotel****Superior