Arabic Bath House - Shiraz

Arabic Bath House

The colours of blue and gold, the Arabic trimmings, shapes and arches, waterfalls make our guests fall into romantic wonder.

In the huge U-shaped pool 17 different adventure elements convey the water’s refreshing vibrations. In the middle of the bath house we can find the arabesque pool, which is enriched with Jacuzzi features and which represents the “cuddly” Shiraz atmosphere in the mystical dim light.

Connected to the bath, from the pool area our guests can step straight into the Arabic Yard. In the middle of the yard visitors longing for swimming can splash into the outdoor pool encompassed by resting beds. The pool’s speciality is the salty sea water, which makes it possible to enjoy water even for the sensitive skinned. Our Arabic Courtyard is a child-free relaxation zone reserved exclusively for our guests over the age of 14.

Participation in our sauna infusions is only possible in a sauna towel without swimsuit.

In our Maxim garden you can hide away from the outside world. Our especial bundle-wood Finn sauna and bubble bath is located in our yard closed off from everyone by piles.

(The Maxim garden can be required for private use in the evening).


From 11.00 Morning refreshing sauna séance with daily changing supply

From 15.30 Hammam tradition, then mint tea serving

From 17.30 fruit plate with rose or orange water

From 18.30 “Intoxicating sunset” sauna séance with daily changing supply

Open: 8:00-20:00


The newest gem of our Arabic Bath House, built on modern Moroccan theme, the Mint wellness bar waits to serve our Guests. Have a diet wellness lunch with your partner in bathing-wrap or select from our refreshing drinks and continue enjoying the services of our wellness unit.

Open: 8:00-20:00