Romantic programs for couples - Shiraz

Romantic programs for couples

Our special pampering programs provide an exceptional opportunity for you and your partner to completely exclude the outside world, relax, forget about the everyday stress, and add a little romance into the grey everyday life.


steam bath program 

The Berber beauty care uses rhassuol, clay of natural volcanic origin, as its “raw material”.

The rhassuol clay cleanses and nourishes the skin intensively but gently; the Berber women and men have been using it for thousands of years as part of their beauty rituals. During our steam program, the skin is cleansed using black olive soap, and then the rhassoul clay is used as a body, face and hair wrap to “remove” the toxins from the body. It tightens the skin and improves the blood supply of the skin.

25 minutes – HUF 12,700 / 2 persons

With advance booking discount: HUF 11,430


In this rushed and busy world, spending time with our loved ones is clearly a luxury. However, it is necessary to stop for a little while from time to time and think of them and of the people who are close to us. Enjoy the magical minutes spent with your sweetheart in our tub filled with rose petals. The sense-awakening aroma, the soft light and the champagne help the two of you experience unforgettable moments.

30 minutes – HUF 14,700 /2 persons

With advance booking discount: HUF 13,230


steam bath program

During the ritual, the couples use a rose flower, sugar and poppy body scrub to remove the dead skin cells, and make each other’s skin smooth and soft. After that, they use an organic fruity, white clay wrap on each other. Thanks to the ingredients of professional quality and the steam of the Fezzan, the circulation improves, the metabolism and the circulation are stimulated, and the proper nutrient intake is ensured.

At the end of the treatment, they can pamper each other with a mixture of nourishing oils. Try it with your partner! It is Paradise itself.

25 minutes – HUF 13,900 /2 persons

With advance booking discount: HUF 12,510

MAJESTIC MOROCCO - Hammam program for couples

In the old days, women and men were not allowed to enter the area of the Hammam at the same time. Since then, of course, these rules have become less stringent. We have dreamed up the Hürrem Seraglio to remove you from the grey everyday life and place you into a fairytale world with your partner to experience what the couples could only dream of earlier. Our masseurs completely relax you with the silky foam of the olive soap so that you can focus only on each other after the massage. The traditional massage for 30 minutes and the rose petal bath for 30 minutes make the romantic experience complete.

60 minutes - HUF 26,700 /2 persons

With advance booking discount: HUF 24,030

The extension surcharge for our bathing programs for couples is HUF 8,000 / 30 minutes

We provide the extension of the time spent in the Private Maxim Garden after 7:30 p.m. at the price of HUF 20,000/2 persons/1 hour, and we present our guests with a bottle of champagne!

Opening hours: between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

In any ordered program is cancelled within 1 day, we will charge 50% of the value of the program, and if you fail to cancel it, 100% cancellation fee is charged.

Our massages and programs are not qualified as medical treatment. You can ask our staff for more information about their effects and course.