Legal Statement - Shiraz

Legal Statement

Data of the Service Provider: Mesés Shiraz Hotel Superior****

Operator: Shiraz Team Kft.

Seat: 4 Verecke Street, Budapest H-1025

Address of the service: 31 Széchenyi Street, Egerszalók H-3394 | Tel.: +36 574 500

1. By using the services available on the website of the Service Provider User accepts the terms and conditions listed herein.

2. Service Provider has made every reasonable effort in order to ensure that every piece of information published on the website be correct at the time of uploading. Despite of this fact Service Provider does not assume any express or implicit liability and guarantee for the information rendered through the website and he reserves the right to change or correct them at any time without notification and to remove the website or the published information partially or as a whole.

3. Service Provider does not assume liability for any inaccuracy or defectiveness on the website. The offers are not legally binding and they do not mean any obligation to the Service Provider. Any decision that is made based on the information found on the website shall be the User’s own responsibility.

4. Service Provider shall not assume liability for any loss or damage resulted from the access to the website or to any information found there or from its omission or use.

5. Service Provider shall not assume liability for contents created, forwarded, stored, made available or published by any third party which the website of the Service Provider relates to or which the website refers to.

6. Service Provider does not guarantee that access to the website will be continuous or faultless. Service Provider shall not bear any liability for the damages, losses or costs that may result from the use of the website, from its unserviceable condition, improper operation, breakdown, from the unauthorized modification of the data by anyone and that result from the delay in forwarding information, from computer virus, line or system error or from any similar reason.

7. Service Provider shall handle every piece of information related to the identity, data and existing business relationships of his buyers, partners and other clients as a business secret. Only the affected data supplier can exempt him from handling the information as a business secret. Service Provider shall handle every data delivered to him via the Internet under the same protection as if they had been made available by other means.

8. Copyright

8.1. The website of the Service Provider and the pictorial, audio and textual contents on it as well as their arrangement, in particular the names, logos and graphics, prospectuses, analyses and other informative materials are subject to copyright protection.

8.2. The use of the whole or any part of the website’s content in any form, especially its reproduction, transfer, distribution, alteration or storage beyond the personal use is allowed only with the express written permission of the Service Provider.

8.3. The whole content of the website is the property of and controlled by the Service Provider. The content of the website is subject to copyright protection. Unless Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright orders otherwise, no part of the website can be copied or published without the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

8.4. In the course of personal use the content of the website or its extracts can be stored on a computer and can be printed by the user.

8.5. Only the sender shall be responsible for the content of the messages uploaded to the website or sent to the Service Provider and for the authenticity and accuracy of the information included in them. The website is a service rendered to the visitors. Service Provider shall reserve the right to modify or amend the content of the website without any reason and notification at any time.

8.6. The use of the website different from or contrary to the Service Provider’s above detailed terms and conditions may result in copyright, civil law or criminal law consequences. Service Provider shall act against every infringement that he becomes aware of.

9. If any condition of the legal statement is qualified invalid pursuant to the effective regulations, this will not affect the validity of the other conditions.